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User groups
  1. Administrator
    • A group of project administrators. Administrators manage the project and keep it running.
    • To mention this group use @Administrator.
  2. Moderator
    • A group of project moderators. Moderators monitor compliance with the rules.
    • To mention this group use @Moderator.
  3. Developer
    • A group of project developers. All resources with the [LT] and [MV] prefixes are developed by members of this group.
    • To mention this group use @Developer.
  4. Wiki Editor
    • A group of members responsible for managing the wiki.
    • To mention this group use @Wiki Editor.
  5. Nulled Distributor
    • A group of users noticed for distribution nulled versions of resources from here.
  6. Members
    • A group of project members. All users after registration fall into this group.
User registration
  1. Agreement with the rules
    • When registering on the project, the user agrees with the current rules.
  2. Username, avatar, signature
    • The username must not contain profanity, website URLs, or nonsense like other usernames.
    • It is prohibited to use slogans and symbols in the username, avatar and / or signature, which may be ambiguous or interpreted. For example, swastikas, religious symbols, military insignia, etc. Users who violate this paragraph of the rules will be sent a private message with a request to change their avatar / signature / username. If you ignore the appeal of the administration / moderators, the user will be banned.
General rules & prohibitions
  1. User's account
    • It is prohibited to transfer account credentials to third parties.
    • Cheating reactions with the help of friends or using multi-accounts is prohibited.
  2. Content publication
    • Flood, flame, cross-posting, necroposting and content duplication are prohibited.
    • Public discussion of the actions of the staff members and non-constructive criticism of the project is prohibited. Attempts to continue the discussion, suppressed by the moderator, by starting a new thread, are regarded as a public discussion of actions and are suppressed accordingly.
    • It is prohibited to start conversations and create multiple threads with the same (similar) content.
    • It is prohibited to advertise any services and / or products in other people's threads without the consent of their authors.
    • It is prohibited to post messages calling for charitable assistance if the recipient of the assistance is not a project member. Before publishing such threads, you must obtain permission from the Administration.
    • It is prohibited to leave aggressive or offensive language in comments and other messages.
    • It is prohibited to show nazism, racism, disrespect and other similar views.
    • It is forbidden to advertise any porn sites, as well as other projects of a similar subject.
  3. Using information from here
    • Derivative works should contain a link to https://lamer-tech.ru as the source, immediately before the contents of the work.
  1. Writing threads and posts
    • It is prohibited bumping of threads and necroposting. Also prohibited messages like: "Up", "Ready to work", "I'll take an order", etc., as well as replies to threads that have been abandoned (except for topics discussing resources / products, etc.).
    • Do not leave messages that do not carry a semantic load. Messages like "Thank you", "Thx", "Cool", etc. will be deleted. If you want to thank a member for their message, just click on the "Like" button.
    • Don't create threads with obscure content. Threads entitled "How so?", "Need help!", "Help", "Urgently!" will be deleted.
    • Before creating a new thread, it is a good idea to check if it has been discussed previously by searching. In general, creating a new thread that repeats an existing one is not prohibited, but the author should not be surprised if asked to use the search to get an answer.
    • Create threads in the appropriate forum. If the required forum is missing, write to the Administration a request to create a new forum. A thread that is in an inappropriate forum can be deleted by the moderator without warning.
    • Do not overuse quotes. There is no need to fully quote the previous post in your reply to it, just quote the passage you want.
    • It is forbidden to completely publish long logs, etc. in an open message. For such purposes, you must use a spoiler or BB-code quote. It is forbidden to publish source code without BB-code code.
    • Try not to make grammatical mistakes in your messages, use overuse expressions — this will create a negative impression of you. A message containing a large number of grammatical errors is regarded as disrespect for other project participants.
    • None of the project participants has the right and cannot force anyone to leave this project! If you see that any participant is behaving indecently, causing inconvenience to visitors, please inform the administration in conversation.
  1. Distributing resources from here
    • Distribution of resources authored by the project staff is allowed only after the permission of the project staff and with a link to the source, that is, on Lamer-Tech.ru.
    • Distribution of resources by users of the project is allowed only with the permission of the resource author. To obtain permission, contact the author of the resource through a conversation.
    • In the case of the sale of resources, their authors must be checked for the quality of the code or other content of the resource by the administration before they are allowed for sale in the resource section. The administration guarantees that the resources will be used exclusively for checking.
    • Distribution of any paid resources after purchase is prohibited. Users distributing paid resources will lose access to the resource and / or will be banned.
Store, products & licenses
  1. Product Licenses
    • It is prohibited to buy products through pools, etc. Licenses bought through a pool will be canceled without a refund, and users who have organized the pool will be banned.
    • Distribution of purchased files and / or software products to third parties is prohibited. A user who violates the rules may be banned, and the license for the product(s) canceled without a refund.
  2. Help & support
    • Product support is provided to licensees only.
Files & images
  1. Uploading files and images
    • You can upload files and images to the server of our project (using the Attach files button located in the editor or simply by dragging the desired item from your computer into the editor), but large files should be uploaded to cloud storage: Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex Drive, etc.
    • The downloaded files must not contain malicious code. Otherwise, the resource will be removed and the user who added it will be banned.
    • By registering, you agree to these rules, undertake to comply with the requirements of the project as a whole, as well as the requirements of the legislation. You agree to receive the newsletter of our project from which you can unsubscribe at any time.
    • The administration of the project is not responsible for the quality and content of advertising materials, advice, for the activities of advertisers, as well as: publication of inaccurate information, sale of info products (various databases, techniques, courses, plugins, styles, etc.), violation of intellectual rights property, photographs and more. The users who published it are responsible for the accuracy of the information.
    • If one or another message is published on the project, this does not mean that the project administration unconditionally agrees with its content.
    • The administration has nothing to do with any offered services and goods that are provided by the participants in the project. Transactions made by two parties are made at their own risk. We strongly recommend using the services of trusted project participants and proven services.
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