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  1. Painbaker

    Add-on [PB] Force Contact Details 1.1.0

    The requirement to fill in the selected contacts before creating topics / conversations with the permission to bypass the verification and select the forums in which filling is required.
  2. Painbaker

    Add-on [PB] Reaction Control 1.4.0

    Plugin features: A ban on withdrawing reactions to content. You can set the time during which the reaction can be canceled. Prohibiting the issuance of reactions to content created BEFORE the user's registration. Permissions can be configured both for groups and for groups in specific nodes /...
  3. Painbaker

    Add-on [PB] Auto Title Case 2.0.0

    Automatic title case conversion for XenForo 2.+ as in the XenForo v1. Features: Supported the titles of: Threads Conversations XFRM Resources Albums and medias of XFMG Articles and promotions [EWR] XenPorta Articles of [XenAddons] Article Management System Groups of [tl] Social Groups Any...
  4. Painbaker

    Add-on [PB] Force Rule Accept 1.0.0

    Feature List: Forced the display of a page with terms and privacy policy (using XF phrases) and with buttons for agreement / exit on registration Configurable function of "remembering" the accepted user agreement Hiding the "I agree with the terms and privacy policy" checkbox in form of the...
  5. NikitOS

    Add-on [MV] Hide reports on the moderator from him 1.0.1

    Addon allows you to hide complaints from him from the moderator. It may be useful that the moderator does not process complaints about himself, but other moderators do so. In /admin.php?moderators , a separate setting of permissions for the moderator to view complaints about himself appears...
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